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Welcome to my little corner of the universe. This is BagsAura, where i craft fabric bags in beautiful colors and meaningful prints for all those who love fabric bags. I am Vandana and like to call myself a"multipotentialite" with many different career pursuits like engineering, management, social work and now a self made entrepreneur.  

I believe that life is all about being the happiest version of oneself, doing what we love, despite the odds and challenges in life.

Bags Aura is a solo women run micro business where i make colorful bags out of fabric to add happiness and joy to a woman's life and cheer her up. Also, i create products with an aim to help maintain this energy of positivity and enthusiasm in life when it feels bored or monotonous or stressed out.

Inspired by my own life experiences and experiences of my customers, i decided to imprint each bag with a carefully chosen inspirational message making Bags Aura a source of motivation for all.

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In the heart of a bustling town, nestled between quaint shops and lively cafes, there exists a small store that radiates inspiration in every thread of its existence. Meet Vandana, a passionate and determined small business owner with a dream as vibrant as the colors adorning the bags she lovingly creates. Her Store, aptly named "Bags Aura," is not just a store; it's a haven for hope and a canvas for inspiration.

Vandana, a self made entrepreneur, embarked on a journey to infuse positivity into the lives of women through her unique creations. Each bag that graces the shelves of Bags Aura is more than a mere accessory; it is a vessel carrying a powerful message of perseverance, strength, and unwavering determination. Vandana believes that every woman, no matter her background or circumstances, possesses an innate resilience that can weather any storm.

Inspired by her own life experiences and the experiences of her customers, Vandana decided to imprint each bag with a carefully chosen inspirational message. As women from all walks of life walk through the door, they are not just greeted by the sight of exquisite handcrafted bags but also by the words of encouragement that speak directly to their hearts. From single mothers juggling the demands of career and family to ambitious young professionals navigating the complexities of life, Bags Aura becomes a source of motivation for all.

Vandana's dedication to spread positivity and empowering women goes beyond the realm of commerce. Her mission is to create a ripple effect, inspiring not just the wearers of her bags but anyone who crosses paths with her store. In a world often filled with challenges, Bags Aura stands as a beacon of hope, reminding women to never give up on their dreams, no matter how daunting the journey may seem.

As the doors swing open, a warm and inviting atmosphere envelops visitors, inviting them to explore the fusion of fashion and fortitude. Vandana, with her entrepreneurial spirit and compassionate heart, has transformed her small business into a sanctuary of inspiration, proving that sometimes, the most powerful messages come from unexpected places.

Escape From The Daily Grind !!

It’s a well known fact and I strongly believe that colors spark joy in us. Observing colors helps us elevate our mood in several ways. Colors can inspire different emotions for eg pink for love, yellow for happiness, blue for calmness, black for confidence and so on.  They can remind us of the happiness around us.  I like to use colors to tap into these emotions in order to help you escape from the daily grind. 


BagsAura stands in support of all the working women out there or all those who have career dreams. I wish for a happy and stress free life of our customers as they manage through their personal and professional life. 


I also believe that happiness can truly be felt by making others happy. Hence i stand to support under privileged children to make their lives better. You will be happy to know that some amount from the purchase of every bag goes for this cause.  So join the BagsAura family now and play a pivotal role in enriching the life of under privileged children.

Why Bags Aura ??

Indulge in the happiness of carrying something handmade. My fabric bags are largely made from cotton and canvas fabric in beautiful colors and meaningful prints that relate to happy emotions or memories. Carry my colorful bags to feel happy.

Each product is created with an aim to help maintain positivity and enthusiasm in life.  Most of the bags come with a strong motivational messages so you always stay inspired on your career journey. Over and above that, a surprise element adds to the fun. Most of the bags come with what i love to call as a magic charm.  It is a usable bag charm that can be detached from the bag for your personal use. My bags also let you organize yourself beautifully so you remain stress free.  Carry a Bags Aura bag to feel inspired and organized.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. For any bulk orders kindly contact here.

+91 7349205751

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