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Fabric Bags 

That Inspire You..!!

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The Journey of my Handmade Wallets

It was the time for some small shopping and I opened my cupboard to take my sling bag out. My leather wallet refused to fit in my small sling bag. The problem was that the leather wallet was little bigger than the opening of the sling bag and it won’t fold on the edges to fit inside the sling bag.


That very moment I thought what if I had a wallet in fabric. The edges of which could fold to easily fit in a small bag also. Also, something that was spacious enough as I love to carry my whole world in my bag. But I couldn’t find such a thing in the market.

Hence, I decided to make one for myself. I was awestruck at how beautiful it turned out, Colorful, Flexible, Soft, Comfortable, Super Spacious, Light weight, and soooo Less Bulky as compared to my leather wallet. Customizable with my type of pockets, it had No Chipping like leather and topping it all, my wallet was Washable. I even Personalized it with my name on it. This one solution made me start helping other women with similar problems. Started in a tiny room with a sewing machine, now inspiring  women one bag at a time.

Inspired by my own life experiences, I decided to imprint each bag with a carefully chosen inspirational message. As women from all walks of life walk through my door, they are not just greeted by the sight of colorful handcrafted bags but also by the words of encouragement that speak directly to their hearts. From mothers juggling the demands of career and family to ambitious young professionals navigating the complexities of life, BagsAura becomes a source of motivation for all. (Know more)

       Most Popular Fabric Wallets

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Bags with an Aura of Cheer & Inspiration

Stay Cheerful

Bags Aura bags are handmade out of fabric in brilliant colors and vibrant prints. They are not just eco friendly but also add colors to a women’s life.  

Colors inspire different emotions, and emotions influence us. 

Wear a colorful Bags Aura bag to feel happy. !


Most of our bags come with a strong inspirational message. Many women face challenges at work or in personal life or both. In order to keep them motivated each bag comes with an inspirational message to inspire them on their life journeys. 

Cary our bags to feel inspired !

Stress free

Our bags help you organize yourself from little things to big ones. By  staying organized we save a lot of time and hence remain stress free in our day to day activities. Choose your own bag from a range of colorful bags now to stay organized and stress free !

Shop by Popular Categories

Totes and Bag packs

Totes and Bag packs

Fabric tote bags, Each bag print has a meaning and a added message to fuel your life journey, explore to find out !!

Gadget Sleeve / Covers

Gadget Sleeve / Covers

Protect your laptop, ipad and other gadgets with customized sleeves.

first page of bagsaura posts (1)

first page of bagsaura posts (1)

Couple Book Marks made in Fabric for Him and Her.



Wallets handmade fully in fabric, no leather. Make your wallet an abundance wallet - Each wallet comes with an affirmation for success.



Organize yourself, Inspire yourself, and Surprise yourself with sweet little handmade Magic Charms !

Card Wallets

Card Wallets

Organize your credit/ debit/ visiting cards with these colorful card wallets.

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Why Bags Aura ??

Indulge in the joyful experience of a handmade bag. These elegant bag designs embrace the comforting touch of cotton and  robust elegance of canvas fabric, blending seamlessly into a symphony of colors that sparks happiness. These beautiful colors and meaningful prints relate to happy emotions and memories. Carry these colorful bags to feel happy.

Unbox not just a Bag but a treasure of Features: A usable Bag Charm, a tangible emblem of delight - Most of the bags come with what i love to call as a magic charm.  It is a usable bag charm that can be detached from the bag for your personal use. Beyond aesthetics, these bags are messengers of purpose, carrying motivational messages to fuel your spirit daily. 


Embrace the warmth of supporting a child in need with every purchase, knowing that your joy reverberates beyond the threads. Some amount from the purchase of each bag goes into helping a child in need.


And, for the pragmatic souls, revel in the gift of organization. These bags aren't just accessories; they're allies in a cluttered world.

Choose Bags Aura – Where Colors, Joy, Inspiration, Organization, Sustainability and Charity seamlessly intertwine, creating a Tapestry of reasons to carry with pride.


Comfort of cotton & canvas fabrics 


Handmade, Colorful &



Get your Bag  customized in design & prints of your choice 

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Sustainable & eco friendly


Get your Bag  personalized in your name 


Joy of supporting a small solowomen business

What They Say ???

I have been using the wallet made by you from quite some time now. It's so good and really spacious . Best part is that it's not bulky and very light weight. Overall I really loved it. 

Sushmita, mumbai

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